"Manager As Coach" Coaching Workshop

Building your ability to coach others is one of the greatest investments you can make.

Understand High Performance Coaching

Effective developmental coaching can change people's attitudes, awareness, and skills. It is one of the most important skills a leader can possess, yet it is too often one of the greatest areas for improvement. 

2-Day Interactive Workshop

In this engaging 2-day workshop, you will learn and practice the critical skills needed to be an effective coach. Your leadership ability will increase as you fully engage your team and achieve high performance through effective coaching.

This program challenges participants to become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching, to create trusting relationships, and to engage in performance changing conversations.

Workshop Benefits

Apply the "5 Step Stewart Leadership Coaching Model."

Learn and practice the "8 Essential Coaching Skills."

Discover and develop the strengths and talents of your team.

Give employees feedback while eliminating the drama.

Challenge others to hold themselves accountable for results.

Improve the engagement of your team through creating a culture of personal development.

Workshop Delivery

Our Team

Stewart Leadership has been delivering leadership, teaming, and change management consulting, coaching, and training for over thirty-eight years to Fortune 500 and mid-size organizations, start-ups, and government agencies throughout the world.

This 2-day workshop can be delivered on-site for 12-30 managers. It can be customized using real-life situations from your culture and the length can be adjusted to meet your needs.

One of our skilled coaching instructors will partner with you to design and deliver an engaging and interactive "Manager As Coach" Coaching Workshop.

Please visit www.stewartleadership.com for a listing of our clients and successes.  

Contact us via email info@stewartleadership.com or call (503) 638-1106 for more information.

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